Establish Purpose

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<p>Establishing purpose is an easy step that is&nbsp;sometimes overlooked.&nbsp; People have many reasons to visit&nbsp;a retail store,&nbsp;and sometimes&nbsp;Sales Associates make assumptions that impede&nbsp;their ability to assist customers.</p> <p><strong>Why are they here? </strong><br /> Customers&nbsp;shop in stores&nbsp;for various reasons; it is important for you to establish that reason quickly.&nbsp; This will prevent you from starting the wrong discussion or mistakenly assuming the reason for the customer&#39;s visit is based on the merchandise they&#39;re looking at.</p> <p>Ask the customer a&nbsp;direct, clear question that establishes their purpose; this&nbsp;is the easiest way to make sure&nbsp;that you&nbsp;will&nbsp;begin the&nbsp;proper discussion with that person.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>