Seek Referrals

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<p>People buy from people&nbsp;who meet their expectations.&nbsp; People refer others to&nbsp;those who exceed their expectations and are trusted individuals.&nbsp; Treat your customers very, very well.&nbsp; Serving them at the highest level possible will position&nbsp;you to comfortably ask for their help&nbsp;when you&nbsp;seek referrals.</p> <p><strong>The Value of a Happy Customer</strong><br /> The value of a happy customer is not the one sale that occurs in a day, but the many purchases that person&nbsp;will make over a lifetime and the word-of-mouth that a happy customer can provide to improve your performance in sales.&nbsp; Never underestimate the Happy Customer.</p> <p><strong>New Business Opportunities</strong><br /> Your greatest opportunity for new business will come from satisfied customers who are raving fans!&nbsp; You must ask your customers to bring their friends into your store.&nbsp; Get their commitment to do so, and then watch for those customers as they come in to&nbsp;make sure that your referral is secured.</p> <p><strong>Example of Asking for a Referral</strong><br /> After completing the sale, and the customer has been thanked and is happy, ask, &ldquo;Would you do me a favor?&nbsp; If I give you a few extra business cards, would you please give them to your friends and ask them to come in and see me?&quot;&nbsp; (If you don&#39;t have business cards, just tell the customer your schedule and&nbsp;invite&nbsp;that person&nbsp;to send&nbsp;a few&nbsp;friends&nbsp;to your store to see you.)&nbsp; When you ask a happy customer to help you in this way, that person&nbsp;feels an obligation to help you and tends to remember to do so.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>