Breakfast of Champions, Ikutaro Kakehashi (NAMM Show 2011)

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<p>Joe Lamond, CEO&nbsp;&amp;&nbsp;President of NAMM,&nbsp;talks with&nbsp;industry legend and Founder and Chairman of the Roland Corporation, Ikutaro Kakehashi.&nbsp; For the first time, a Breakfast of Champions guest was streamed&nbsp; by live video&nbsp;feed, in real time.&nbsp; Mr. Kakehashi greeted the breakfast session audience&nbsp;from Japan, and talked about his continuing efforts to contribute&nbsp;to the development and popularization of electronic&nbsp;musical&nbsp;instruments and the growth of the industry.&nbsp; In 2002 Mr. Kakehashi published his biography in a book called &quot;I Believe In Music&quot; and was also featured as a biography in the book The Art of Digital Music.</p>