Create a High-Impact Website Home Page (NAMM Show 2011 Idea Center Session)

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<p><em><span>Presented by Kate Blom, Associate Director of Marketing &amp; Communications, NAMM</span></em></p> <div><span>To have the biggest impact online, you need to start by looking inward, at the personality of your business and what you want to portray to site visitors.&nbsp;This starts with a home page that will entice consumers&mdash;and keep them returning.&nbsp;The best content and design tell your story; keep it simple and make it authentic.&nbsp;So, how exactly do you do that?&nbsp;Listen in as Kate Blom tells you about the do&rsquo;s and don&rsquo;ts, like skipping the jargon and keeping your contact information up to date. From there,&nbsp;she will talk about the power of testimonials and other essential content that will leave a positive impression with everyone visiting your site.</span></div>