How Catching Trends from the Bottom Up Will Improve Your Bottom Line

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<p>Is your store over-inventoried with too much of last year&rsquo;s &ldquo;hot product&rdquo;? Do you know what emerging trends will determine this year&rsquo;s &ldquo;must-have&rdquo; products? How can you forecast the &ldquo;new best sellers&rdquo; and also know when hot products start to cool down-before you place your next Purchase Order? Learn to watch for emerging trends &ldquo;from the Bottom Up!&rdquo; Engage your customers and listen to what they are saying. What bands are your customers listening to? What videos are your customers watching on YouTube? What are your customers talking about? This is &ldquo;bottom up trending&rdquo;&mdash;and if you pay attention to the conversations that your customers are having with their friends, you can significantly improve the bottom line for your business! Join Menzie Pittman as he shares his stories of successfully improving his bottom line by simply extracting information from his customers, his students and his children!</p>